catch @ Wollongong Art Gallery, Wollongong. NSW

Greer Taylor, catch (detail), painted PVC pipe, plastic thread, painted wooden dowel - pipe 5.75 metres. Imaged by Bernie Fischer

This work was installed in parallel with an exhibition aimed at children called Picture This; catch was installed in the atrium space in the centre of the gallery — it could be seen from each floor. On the floor where Picture This was installed, the central tube of the work was at child level, inviting […]

fragile surface @ Wollongong Art Gallery, NSW

Greer Taylor, fragile surface

local:current  was an annual survey of 10 local artists at Wollongong Art Gallery — fragile surface was included in the 2010 iteration. fragile surface suspended a trapezoid surface of knitted wire pulled from above and below into a topography… a analogy for our earth’s fragile surface, strong but fragile and like knitting, begins falling apart […]

vortex @ Yering Station Sculpture Prize, Yering, VIC

Greer Taylor - vortex - Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition and Awards 2010

The Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition and Awards is an annual sculpture exhibition installed in the elegant grounds of the Yering Station Winery. Statement: Settled on the grassy lawns of Yering Station as if from another plane, vortex acts like a funnel to another frame of mind, a new dimension of time and space – posing a […]

grid @ Project Contemporary ArtSpace, Wollongong, NSW

Greer Taylor, GRID, exhibition view

GRID was installed in the Small Wall Gallery in Project Contemporary Art space in Wollongong exhibition statement Grids can be both complex and simple. The work in GRID expose in their grided form a tangle of opposites, reinforcing this dichotomy:                       order   |    chaos                     simple   |    complex                       finite   |    infinite […]

pink room @ #1 Jamberoo, NSW

Greer Taylor, pink room, from top left: bent | echo | incubation ii | incubation i

The newly opened Number 10 Art Precinct in Jamberoo hosted a room of my work for 2 months. exhibition statement These pink works are about vulnerability, change, fragility — the ongoingingness of our existence. They are also a questioning of the seemingly linear experience we have of time. before, echo, passing, bent, incubation… the work’s […]

night visits @ Blacktown Art Prize, NSW

Greer Taylor, night visits, acrylic, felt, doll needles, plastic thread, paint on MDF, 25 x 25 x 25 cm. Image by Alex Wisser

night visits was finalist in the Blacktown City Art Prize in 2010. artwork statement Night visits every 24 hours — part of the cycle of our existence — the very nature of being on this planet. Night is a time of dreams, darkness, the moon, caves, sex, fear, joy, falling, creatures, entrapment, rest, change… Sometimes […]