transition @ Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, NSW

Greer Taylor - transition - Sculpture by the Sea 2012

Sculpture by the Sea is an annual exhibition installed along the coastal walk from Bondi to Tamarama statement: This work holds 2 transparent funnels, one rounded edged turned down towards the earth, the other square edged facing upward to the sky… one form transitions into the other through the intentional holding of a small but […]

facet @ Western Sydney University, Campbeltown ,NSW

Greer Taylor - facet - UWS Sculpture Prize and Exhibition 2012

≡ Awarded a Highly Commended UWS Acquisitive Sculpture Award and exhibition is a biannual event taking place in the sculpture park on the ground of University of Western Sydney’s Campbelltown Campus. Statement: This transparent form contains reminders of a rectangular prism that is unable to remain still, or is convinced of its form. The work […]

descend @ The Hanging Space, Thirroul, NSW

Greer Taylor - descend - Thirroul 2012

descend was installed in the IAVA gallery The Hanging Space in Thirroul. exhibition statement: These paintings are about vulnerability and change, mortality and fragility… They are about our need as modern humans to acknowledge that we are fallible and mortal. And that in that acknowledgement we become more as we surrender to the truth of […]

vortex @ Sculpture on the Edge, Bermagui, NSW

Greer Taylor - vortex - Sculpture on the Edge 2012

Sculpture on the Edge (now called Sculpture Bermagui) is held on the Headland in Bermagui on the Sapphire Coast of NSW. statement: vortex …a funnel to another frame of mind, a new dimension of time and space – posing a question of perspective and courage. 150 sets of threads define a transparent vortex, looking out across […]

distant time @ Sculpture at Scenic World, Katoomba, NSW

Greer Taylor - distant time - Sculpture at Scenic World 2012

≡ Awarded the inaugural Acquisitive Sculpture at Scenic World Prize Sculpture at Scenic World 2012 was the inaugural sculpture exhibition at Scenic World at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. It featured 26 sculptures placed in the rainforest along the Lilli Pilli Walk Way. Statement: …is time in fact linear? does it stack neatly one moment upon another? […]

connect -@ Thirroul Community Centre and Library, Thirroul, NSW

Greer Taylor - connect - Thirroul

This 14.4 metre long mural is installed on the northern wall of the Thirroul Library, it spans the whole width of the wall above the book shelves … statement: The mural tracks a timeline that tell the story of the Illawarra region from prehistory to now, a ‘storyline ribbon’ runs through it. the story begins […]