inclusion @ Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi

Greer Taylor - inclusion - Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2013

Sculpture by the Sea is installed along the Coastal walk from Bondi to Tamarama in Sydney. statement: What is included and what is outside? This work blurs inside and outside. Where does our connection with inside or outside begin or end? A continuous pink line is drawn through space, creating its own shapes and interconnections. […]

resting place @ Sculpture at Scenic World, Katoomba

Greer Taylor - resting place - Sculpture at Scenic World 2013

≡ Awarded a Highly Commended Sculpture at Scenic World is an annual event,  installed along the LilliPilli walk in the Jamison Valley in Katoomba. Statement In the Jamison valley large rocks have fallen through time from the surrounding cliff faces, to end up out of their original geological context — massive reminders of the power […]

crosswind @ Montalto Sculpture Prize, Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Greer Taylor - cellular memory - Montalto Sculpture Prize 2013

Montalto Sculpture Prize was an annual sculpture exhibition and acquisitive prize installed in the grounds of Montalto Winery. statement: Cross-wind or cross-wind? Windings of cable span open space to create curved transparent surfaces over which winds may cross to create sound. Through both its form and transparency the work takes on many guises, changing its […]

three percent 3% @ Brenda May Gallery, Waterloo, NSW

Greer Taylor, three percent 3%, at Brenda May Gallery, Sculpture 2013

I had the pleasure of installing three percent 3% at Brenda May Gallery during the exhibition Sculpture 2013. Statement: 3% might seem a small amount. +/- 3% is the per annum economic growth our governments encourage, to “ensure” jobs and to maintain our lifestyle. The reality is though, that a 3% per annum growth, leads […]

inversion @ Sculpture by the Sea on 7, David Jones, Sydney, NSW

Greer Taylor - inversion - Sculpture by the Sea on Seven 2013

In January of 2013 Sculpture by the Sea mounted an exhibition of a selection of works from the 2012 Bondi exhibition in the 7th floor gallery in David Jones, Elizabeth Street in Sydney: sculpture by the Sea on Seven. The beautiful light filled space with its tall windows provided a wonderful location for large sculpture.  […]

zero&one @ [MARS] Gallery, Port Melbourne, VIC

Greer Taylor, zero&one gallery view

This solo exhibition was installed in [MARS] Gallery’s Port Melbourne space — a wonderful old warehouse space that allowed this artist unlimited opportunities to engaging with space. exhibition statement: The universe is an agglomeration of repeated elements: from leaves on a tree to breaths in a life, to the photons in a light wave. In […]