spread @ [MARS] Gallery, Windsor, VIC

Greer Taylor, gallery view of SPREAD

SPREAD was installed in the Light Box Gallery, a small underground space, at [MARS] Gallery in Windsor. exhibition statement: SPREAD uses and accentuates the underground quality of the tiny gallery, narrowing the entrance, installing curved walls within the enclosed space lit only by a single light source. SPREAD acknowledge the underground connection that any stick […]

reciprocity @ Sculpture in the Vineyards, Wollombi

Greer Taylor - reciprocity - Sculpture in the Vineyards 2015

Sculpture in the Vineyards is an annual event taking place in the Wollombi are of NSW Hunter Valley, sculptures  are installed in multiples vineyards in the area. reciprocity was installed at Undercliff Winery. Statement: reciprocity is made up of a zig-zagging/push-pull structure creates an elastic web that suspends 49 pairs of sticks in a 7 x […]

crosswind @ Harbour Sculpture, North Sydney

Greer Taylor - crosswind - Harbour Sculpture 2015

≡ Awarded an AJSteel Australasia Stipend Stainless-steel cables span the spaces created by a drawing-like yellow line, generating curved transparent surfaces. Through both form and transparency crosswind changes its relationship to the landscape when viewed from different angles: from a container in which to frame the landscape; to sails floating across it; to a bridge […]

reciprocity @ Sculpture at Scenic World, Katoomba

Greer Taylor - reciprocity - Sculpture at Scenic World 2015

Sculpture at Scenic World is an annual exhibition installed along Lili Pilli Walkway in the Jamison Valley at Scenic World. statement: A living forest is a network of connections in all directions. Most of these connections are subtle happenings within the cells of a tree or deep within the soil, using simple but powerful mechanisms […]