collecting tears @ Sculpture in the Valley, Kangaroo Valley

Greer Taylor - collecting tears - Sculpture in the Valley, Kangaroo Valley 2023

I reinstalled my large threaded work collecting tears around a very wonderful tree in a wild location as part of the Sculpture in the Valley exhibition in Kangaroo Valley. The work was awarded the Highly Commended Outdoor Sculpture Prize. The work took 6 days to install, as the site was steep a platform was required […]

how the earth cries @ reach, an IAVA exhibition at Gallery Lane Cove

Greer Taylor - how the earth cries - IAVA Group Exhibition

reach was an IAVA group exhibition held at Gallery Lane Cove — it featured work by 30 IAVA members; my work included in reach, was an installation sculpture called how the earth cries statement: This work stands to reminds each of us the that the earth herself cries, and she always has… grief is required if […]

inversion @ OpenField contemporary Art Festival, Berry

Greer Taylor - inversion - Openfield Contemporary Art Festival - Berry 2023

This work was placed near the David Berry Memorial in The Berry Memorial park as part of the OpenField Arts Festival in 2023. It was an opportunity to address our relationship with the story held within the David Berry memorial which permeates all our lives. By using a non-colour for the threading of this work […]

collecting tears @ Sculpture in the Gardens, Wollongong Botanic Gardens


image by Jessica Millman collecting tears invited visitors into see that the trees and other beings are crying and that to shed tears is a powerfully ‘composting tool’. It invited each of us to step in and and share our tears, to never be ashamed of our tears, they too are compost for the earth […]