wide brown river

Joseph Horvat, currawong in the rain

image by Joseph Horvat

the sky over our world
is a heavy grey lake

its lode sheds
in gravity-powered torrents

the sky lake
now light enough
moves on

— — river
you are wide
and brown

being what your
becoming has
becomed you to be

— —  to gather

— —  to hold

— —  to channel



all that was in the sky
all that has fallen

— — on leaf
— — on rock
— — on soil

gravity pulls
ever downward

to gather
in your ancient
water-made folds

a combined power
loosening soil and debris

to be carried suspended
in the relentless hold

of water

by downhill descent

— — churning
— — — — writhing

to reach this lowland


gravity’s force

each water molecule
towards the deep

your surface flattened
deceptively hiding
your subterranean power

© Greer Taylor | August 2020 — May 2023